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6 Jar Sampler Box
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6 Jar Sampler Box
Product ID: 058
Price: $59.75
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Includes 2 Jam or Jelly, 2 Salsa, 2 Sauce & Shipping.
Try our 6 Jar Sampler Box. Your choice of any 2 Jams or Jellies, 2 Salsas, and 2 Sauces.

Blushin' Peach Jam
A delicious blend of PEACHES and generous slices of natural STRAWBERRIES, truly one of our all-time favorites.

Brazos River Blackberry Jam
Cooked with whole blackberries, a gentlemen's preference.

Cactus Sangria Jelly
The refreshing taste of real Sangria wine, plus orange zest. A surprisingly good biscuit treat!

Cherry Preserve
Our cherry preserve has become one of our top-selling fruit products. Loaded with whole cherries, it is a great topping on cream cheese or for that traditional "biscuit in the morning".

Country Apple Butter
A delicious apple and cinnamon taste, reminiscent of Mom's apple pie. Makes an elegant dessert when topped over vanilla ice cream and sprinkled with nuts.

East Texas Blueberry Jam
Our tribute to an up-and-coming Texas industry, cooked with juicy, whole blueberries.

Fig N Plum Conserve
A conserve thats a versatile & delicious blend of spices with figs & plums. We recommend serving over Brie.

Fredericksburg Peach Jam
Simmered slowly in the kettle in the old German tradition, our great peach jam is made with beautiful Hill Country peaches.

Jammin' Strawberry
Made with whole luscious strawberries. A delicious treat on that favorite morning biscuit, croissant, or bagel!

Jalapeno Jelly
Our Blue Ribbon winner! A popular Hill Country hors d'oeuvre served with cream cheese and crackers, or a tasty accompaniment with cornbread.

Lemon Fig Jam
An old-timer's delight. Light amber Kadota figs, cooked with eye-catching slices of lemon.

Old Austin Apricot Jam
An apricot-lover's dream. Wonderful over pork roast or as a glaze for pork chops. Added to freshly brewed tea it makes a delightful apricot tea.

Peach Amaretto & Pecan Jam
A delicious blend of peaches and pecans flavored with amaretto and simmered together. A versatile jam for croissants or perfect as a dessert when heated & served over ice cream.

Pumpkin Butter
Bring back the taste of grandmother's scrumptious pumpkin pie! From Maine to Texas, this is the best. A light creamy spread. A simply perfect fall flavor!

Raspberry Jam
This red raspberry morning spread has become number one for raspberry lovers.

Rio Raspberry Jalapeno Jelly
Sweet and hot and pretty to boot. Marinade chicken or steak prior to grilling. Better yet shred pork and brown with garlic, onions and bell peppers, then melt a couple of teaspoons of jelly and mix. Great!!

Strawberry Almond Jam
Whole strawberries cooked with toasted almonds - visually stunning and an unbelievable biscuit or dessert topping!

Sweet & Hot Jalapenos
Sweet and hot Jalape�o slices-Great Condiment! Perfect on nachos. Use to spice up anything that's not hot enough for you! Use instead of pickle relish in potato, tuna, egg salad...

Texas Pride Jalapeno Mustard
The top-selling item ever stirred at our Hill Country Kitchen. A mild jalapeno flavor in sweet creamy mustard. A natural with potato salad, deviled eggs, ham, turkey or chicken salad; makes a connoisseur's grilled burger.

Texas Red Plum Jam
Made with whole plums; a great old-fashioned taste

Natural Blackberry, Strawberry or Peach Jam
Sweetened with natural juices, they contain twice the amount of fruit as our regular jams - you will be amazed by the natural fresh berry and peach flavors. Available in Blackberry, Peach and Strawberry

Verde Chile Salsa
Tomatillos, green chilies and jalapenos make this tangy salsa green -- and delicious! Serve it with tortilla chips, as a main ingredient in chicken enchiladas or with tacos.

Black Bean & Corn Salsa
A unique slightly hot combination of Texas favorites from sweet red peppers, garlic, jalapeno and cilantro to green chili peppers and black beans and corn. Perk up your cornbread before or after baking; Before substitute 1/2 cup of salsa for 1/2 cup milk, stir into batter along with your other ingredients and bake. Presto! Spicy corn bread. After slice cornbread and cover with salsa. Enjoy!!

Blanco River Apple Kraut
This is a great new taste! Slightly sweet apples with cabbage and spices create a wonderful smooth, yet tangy taste you just have to try to appreciate. For a lighter taste on your favorite Rueben sandwich replace the sauerkraut with our apple kraut

Cibolo Creek Cilantro Salsa
A bold homemade flavor created by using fresh cilantro and seasoned with chipotle and garlic. Serve with your favorite chips or any Mexican style dinner.

Habanero Salsa
Savor the flavor of the Habanero taste without the extreme "Habanero Burn". Not as hot as our XXX Habanero Salsa, but still hot. Lightly spoon over your favorite dish to add that just right amount of heat!

Hill Country Caviar
Tangy Black-Eyed Pea Relish; a great side condiment with ham, pork chops and roast beef. Wonderful served atop a slice of hot buttered cornbread, or over cream cheese. Add a special zest to green beans, yellow squash, pasta salad, or kernel corn with a few spoonfuls. For a dieter's delight, add to a baked potato in place of butter, sour cream or salt.

Peach Salsa
One of our best sellers! A unique blend of peaches in a chunky, slightly sweet and spicy tomato salsa. Delicious over baked chicken or fish, or served simply with crackers and chips. Add to rice to create a unique Spanish rice dish.

Pedernales Picante Sauce
A sweet salsa thick with tomatoes, peppers, and onions - a Southwestern taste. Serve over cream cheese with crackers or with chips.

Strawberry Chocolate Dessert Sauce
Unique, rich & heavenly. Serve over ice cream or as a dessert finishing sauce...even dress up a peanut butter sandwich!

Texas Tango Mango Salsa
A 'taste of the tropics'...Texas Style! A wild and spicy blend of mango, bell pepper, and tomato, with our own unique blend of spices. Great used any way you choose!!!

XXX Habanero Salsa
Habaneros...the hottest peppers in the world. OUR HOTTEST SALSA!!! For the daring, serve Habanero Salsa over your favorite chips and WATCH OUT! Great for the "extra hot" one in your life! Try if you dare..

Fire Roasted Cantina Salsa

Our NEW Fire Roasted Cantina Salsa is a delightfully spicy blend of fire-roasted tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, garlic, and lime juice with just enough heat to keep you coming back for more.  Low in sodium with no added sugar, this salsa has a terrific fresh flavor and is perfect for dieters, enjoy it without the guilt!  Make an intensely flavorful dip by stirring together equal amounts of salsa and sour cream, or substitute in your favorite chili-con-queso recipe.

Raspberry Chipotle Sauce
Rich robust red raspberries perfectly suited to mix with spicy chipotle. Enhance holiday parties by placing an 8oz block of cream cheese over a bright green lettuce leaf. Pour 1/4 cup sauce over cheese and garnish with your choice (pecans, shrimp or crab meat, or a whole jalapeno pepper)!

Mango Habanero Sauce
Get ready for an eye opening combination of fresh, sweet tropical mangos and a little taste trickery from that wiley ole� habanero pepper. It�s the perfect combination of sweet and hot. Great with chicken, pork or fish, this sauce can pack a wallop but we gotta warn you, it�s addictive. It�s a great selection for those who like a little fire.

Peach Jezebel Sauce
Peach Jezebel 12 A meat glaze good on ham, turkey, or pork chops. Excellent for oriental stir-fry dishes, broiled or baked chicken or fish, or served over cream cheese with crackers.

Tejas Grilling & BBQ Sauce
Made with a basic tomatoe base, but we have added adobo chipotle, pineapple juice, smoky flavor and bacon bits to make this a delicious and unique sauce. We guarantee rave reviews!

Gulf Coast Shrimp Sauce
DON'T BE FOOLED, there's no shrimp in this! In the continuing search for the perfect adornment to boiled shrimp, we offer a great blend of Southwestern and Coastal flavors. A marvelous cocktail sauce, delicious with seafood or broiled fish, or, in the Hill Country, great with freshwater catfish. The unique ingredient blend includes pineapple, horseradish, and jalapenos. Formerly named Jalapeno Shrimp Sauce, same great taste but with a new name.